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Safety Tips for Runners You Shouldn’t Ignore

I get it. Our run time is supposed to be our carefree time. But we can’t be so carefree that we risk our safety. So, why a refresher in safety tips for runners now? Because the other morning near where this photo was taken a woman was attacked while running.

It happened on a well trafficked, open running path, in a neighborhood considered to be very safe. I run on this path daily–sometimes twice a day. (You can see my interview on the local NBC news station here). I used to run on this path in the early mornings with my babies in a stroller when they could not sleep.

You just never know where some crazy person might be lurking. No place is without risk.

So, as a friendly reminder to mother runners…

Woman holding mace.

Here are the top safety tips for runners you must remember:

  1. Run with your phone.
  2. Be aware of your surroundings
  3. Run confident.
  4. Don’t have your headphones on too loud.
  5. Run in well trafficked and well lit areas.
  6. Trust your gut and avoid suspicious people.
  7. Consider bringing pepper spray. This one is small enough to fit in running shorts’ pockets.
  8. Take a local self-defense class to perfect moves like the groin kick or heel palm strikes to the nose or throat. Check out easy moves to arm yourself here.
  9. Share your location on your smart phone with your loved ones.
  10. Always let people know where you are going and when.
  11. Run with others.
  12. Make eye contact. Say hello. Make sure people know you see them.
  13. Run with a headlamp when running in the dark. This can be used to blind attackers who come towards you.
  14. If someone suspicious approaches you, yell, scream, and make a scene.
  15. Consider running with your dog.

Mother runners run in part to be carefree for a moment. But the reality is, we just can’t be.

Please comment here with other measures to keep us mother runners safe!

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